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I just want to be with someone I can be myself around

I just want her to notice me. *sigh*

I miss her. I miss how she would always make me feel better after I had a shitty day. I just wish I wasn’t such a lousy friend. I’m so selfish the only happiness I cared about was mine, knowing that she was suffering more than I was. Just wish I could do it all over again. Show her that I really did care, how I still care for her. Maybe I was just jealousy of the girl that she just has such strong feelings for, wishing that it was me. Wishing that I was the one that made her happy. I was stuck being the friend with all these feelings for her and took my emotions out on her. Wishing that she could see that she didn’t have to go through this pain. That I just wanted to take it away from her, but she just couldn’t see it. So now here I am with the same feelings but no friend because of my emotions and selfishness. I just wish I could get another chance. I know she doesn’t have feelings for me but just her being a friend was all I really needed. So Candice if you read this just know I miss you.

Fuck pretty little liars fuck teen wolf. I just can’t deal right now. 😭😭😭😭 why me

Re watching once upon a time remembering why I hate Regina all over again and I need to catch up to watch season 3

Too ugly for a prom date

I really want to get a vch piercing for my birthday. I am so scared. I have 12 days to decide

I’ve watch all three season and caught up to the newest season 4 episode of pretty little liars in 1 week. I really don’t have a life.

I wish you would feel the same way I feel about you. I wish I could take your pain away but I can’t because you keep pushing me away.

I am so sick 😩😭

Everyone is full of shit.

I just give up on everything.

I’m really starting to hate my life again

I never knew how wonderful the tumblr app was until yesterday 😊😊😊😊

I guess my feelings just don’t matter to anyone. I’m so done with everything and everyone